​​​​​​​​​​​​Current Events:

Our May membership Meeting/Awards Banquet has been cancelled due to the extension of the Stay at Home order until May 15th.  This includes in-house restaurant dining.  The May Meeting is our last Membership Meeting until September.  We will schedule our Awards Meeting for September.    

Check out the "Join the EMSA" link above for a 2020 meeting schedule.  

​​​More information on the two Bills introduced in the Michigan House and Senate on Commercial Fishing in Saginaw Bay can be found here.  SB 0389    ​HB 4790

There are three additional Bills introduced in the Michigan House that will update the commercial fishing regulations that have been in place since 1929. HB 4567, HB 4568, HB 4569 .  If you prefer, click on this link to look at a Summaryof all three Bills

The EMSA was asked to support the City's Resolution on HB 4567. 4568 & 4569 that would update Commercial Fishing Regulations that have been in place since 1929.  The Board of Directors voted to support Bay City's Resolution on the three Bills and provide any assistance if needed.  Links to Bay City's Resolution and Sportfishing Support Letter below


Find your State Senator and Representative below to voice your opinion on the Bills mentioned above 

Michigan Representative

​Michigan Senate​​

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