​​​​​​​​Current Events:

Next Membership Meeting is October 9,  2019 

October Membership Meeting on 10/9/19 at  MD's Sports Tavern & Grill, 3040 N. State Rd., Davison, MI  48423.  Map and Directions here.   Social hour begins at 6:30pm with the meeting starting at 7:30. 

Our Guest Speaker will be Matt Kirsammer. Matt is an avid walleye fishermen as well as a gunning and decorative decoy carver.  Matt will be speaking on what it takes to get into carving.  Here are some examples of his work.

​More information on the two Bills introduced in the Michigan House and Senate on Commercial Fishing in Saginaw Bay can be found here.  SB 0389    ​HB 4790

There are three additional Bills introduced in the Michigan House that will update the commercial fishing regulations that have been in place since 1929. HB 4567, HB 4568, HB 4569 .  If you prefer, click on this link to look at a Summaryof all three Bills

The EMSA was asked to support the City's Resolution on HB 4567. 4568 & 4569 that would update Commercial Fishing Regulations that have been in place since 1929.  The Board of Directors voted to support Bay City's Resolution on the three Bills and provide any assistance if needed.  Links to Bay City's Resolution and Sportfishing Support Letter below

​​Find your State Senator and Representative below to voice your opinion on the Bills mentioned above 

Michigan Representative

​Michigan Senate

Muzzy Pheasant Farms Tower Shoot and Walk Up Hunt Details

Date- 9-29-19

Location - Muzzy Pheasant Farms

Time- Arrive by 8:00am, Start hunting at 9:00am

Coffee & Donuts in the morning and lunch after the tower and walk up hunts

​$235.00 per person.

We moved the date to September ahead of the archery deer season and waterfowl (ducks) season. 

Let us know ASAP if you plan to attend so the number of birds can be planned in. Payment isn't due until the morning of the hunt. Send the names of the people participating here.

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